Do you want to join us?

We had more interest in our first week so we have decided to run another group – on Saturday from 3 to 4 PM. Please get in touch as soon as possible  emailing because we still have 6 spaces. If we have a full group by Friday we will start the second group.

We are now on Facebook and Twitter

…so please follow us their for club updates and learnings but also for Minecraft news, inspirations and cool projects. We have already benefited from our Twitter presents so if you support our idea and want to help, do follow us and help by re-sharing our important announcements. To follow us on Twitter click here. To […]

Notes from our first session

We had a great first session yesterday! I think children were fantastic in introducing themselves and talking about their passion for Minecraft. It was also nice to see parents staying with us and helping! We have talked about our achievements scheme: children will work towards a title of Minecraft Master so they will need to showcase five […]

Topics for Autumn 2014

We have updated our info page with topics for our first semester. We will do our best to cover as many as we can, most of them through play in and outside of the game itself. Here they are: Experimenting with building and crafting on your own devices (offline) Safe Internet Practice, tech and health […]

Mojang and Microsoft, Minecraft Realms

We are starting our club in rather interesting times for Mojang, company that developed Minecraft idea. It looks like Mojang are actually considering selling the game to Microsoft and many Minceraft fans are not too happy about it. We will see what impact the sales will have on us, but for now we can only […]

Register for our first semester

Starting today you might see our flyers in town. We are planning our first session for next Saturday and the Butler Centre are very excited about it too! We have been planning the club for over a year now with them and we really cannot wait to have fun! We already have four participants so […]


Welcome to our new website and our first semester. School starts tomorrow in Wantage so we are very excited to see this website up and running. We hope you like it. We have now confirmed that our first set of sessions will be hosted at the Butler Centre on Saturdays at 1.30 PM – first […]