Farming, pumpkins and slime

  It has been decided – by the majority of today’s votes – that our Ghasty will be called Sunndee from now on. Well done and thank you for all your votes. We had a great session on farming today finished with two sets of brilliant carved pumpkins and few slices of slime. We are […]

The Butler Centre in Minecraft

The great thing about our 15 min ‘working in Minecraft’ sessions is the element of surprise when our members build amazing creations and present them to the group. This is just one of many of those, prepared by Mr_T_ – it’s the very room in which we host our sessions and our team:)

Notes from our third session

Last Saturday new club members joined our teams. We also have a club mascot now! This little ghast will need a name so hopefully next week we will be able to vote. Our main topics were mining and types of blocks (Minecraft topic) and crystals (science topic). Club members did amazing job once again so […]

Visiting…Lego Exhibition

Lego Exhibition in Swindon is a must for Lego lovers from our area so no wonder that at least two of our club members visited it this weekend. Here are our photos from the event – so good to see Lego Minecraft used for one of the featured constructions.