Congratulations to all our club members!

I cannot even express how proud I am off all children AND parents in this season of Minecraft Club. Thank you for all your work, support and trust! I am so glad that we could celebrate, though I was sad to hear that one of our members could not make it to the final ceremony […]

Our first poster – kids and creativity

To me personally Minecraft is indeed like LEGO – it serves as platform for creativity. And so I was really, really happy to see that one of club members, Mr_T__ came to class with his design of club poster. It’s great because we still need to colour it in which means that others can do […]

Session 5 notes – history

In our last session of this course we have talked about history. We do not like to limit our children’s imagination so we have given them an open challenge – to create any historical building or landscape. This way we could tap into their creativity more. Some built castles, some old sheds, one created a […]