Our Sessions at the Butler Centre – community work

We have mentioned this part of our activities in our brochure but here we would like to explain in more detail our work for our local community. Within the framework of our provided courses we have offered Butler Centre an hour each week of our time for free to work with Year 6 children. They […]

Support materials for our Spring Competition participants

Considering it’s half-term in Wantage we have collected few links and other recourses to help our Spring Competition participants in their work. Betjeman Park: I have spent all morning in the Betjeman Park today taking photos of it and uploading them to Panoramio – Google Maps based photo repository. You can find all those images […]

Sponsor us!

Pretty please!:) We would love to improve our work with children, provide them with Minecraft Edu licences (software allowing access to online platform with Minecraft based lessons and community of teachers working with this game), we would love to run more competitions to boost creativity and encourage productivity of our team, we would love to […]

Maths session on times tables

In our third maths session children had to design their very own 3D version of times tables. Each Club member chose a different approach and so our presentations looked really impressive – and some managed to work all the way up to 12×12! Well done!

Our first German session

With a small delay but a lot of fun we have started learning German with Minecraft. Children learned to describe blocks with the question ‘Was is das?’ (What is this?) and worked on a house project using the first 8 blocks.

Video making session

Our video makers learned about interviewing practices so to exercise we have asked them to design a home or office of a person they would like to interview. Ideas and designs were – as always – amazing!

Coding session with Raspberry Pi

Well, this was a lot of fun! Dads were so excited to talk to children about the history of computers and the size of original floppy disks (what is a floppy again?;)). We have used RaspberryPi to build a castle and blow up a huge block of TNT but also learned about this super small […]

Minecraft Spring Competition

If you want to win some Minecraft goodies we invite all our club members to participate in our Minecraft Spring Competition! You have 4 weeks to complete your projects in two categories: Local Heritage – Betjeman Park in Wantage Fiction & Imaginary – Scene or location from Harry Potter books All entires have to be […]

Personal Achievements

Our system of achievements is really important and so after each session our children receive a group achievement. That’s the easy part. They also have to choose a personal achievement and I have to say – initially I assumed that many of them would go for stickers that simply look cool. Yet…I was wrong. Each […]