Thank you to Wildwood Kitchen for their support!

We had an amazing time enjoying our very own club-made Mum’s Day Video at the Wildwood Kitchen’s cinema last night. What a great feeling to showcase the work of our young video makers and the courage of their mums! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! We will not upload the full […]

Random Acts of Kindness #1

After our social catch up this morning we took a bucket of flowers and gave those away to all mums in the Market Square. So here it is – a bucket of over 50 smiles from this morning. It was so much fun!  

Our fifth sessions

Our coding group learned about Mozilla Open Badges and the idea of skills (we use badges in our club too, but we wanted to ensure that children understand the idea of skills collected to be featured in their future, for example on a CV). We have designed our own badges on paper and later in […]

Wantage Pixel Club on the local radio

This week we have been invited by Sally, one of our mums, to present about our club and safe Internet practice on our local. Listen to the recording below or here: The Hendred Chatters 3rd March 2015 by Online Radio Broadcasting on Mixcloud

Welcome our second sponsor – Wildwood Kitchen

We are very happy to announce that the Wildwood Kitchen in Wantage agreed to be our sponsor – THANK YOU!. We will be able to use their new cinema facilities to showcase the work of our creative, video making team but also ideas from all children. We cannot wait! In the meantime we have asked […]

Our fourth sessions

Last Saturday was very productive and a lot of fun again. Our coding group played with LEGO Mindstorms and learned about a different take on coding. Our video makers put into practice their new interviewing skills and recorded few additional pieces for the final video. Our German group learned about crafting and colours. All groups […]