Our videos on YouTube

Jess and I worked on a small video the other say in the club, here it is. You will also see the work of Butler Centre Children and Grove Cubs there, on our YouTube Channel.

Our Saturday sessions

It’s great to see that our early morning (9am!) sessions are growing and we have new members joining us! Last Saturday we have welcome three new families! Children spent most of their time working on personal challenges, but also helping me in defying new challenge cards! We have also started playing with the LEGO Movie […]

Our First Board Games Meetup – Tsuro

We had a great time playing board games at our local, Vale and Downland Museum, this morning. Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, Dixit, Minion and Hobbit Monopoly were played but the overall winner this time was Tsuro – children and parents loved it the most. It took us one round to work it out but then […]

Announcing the winners of our Summer Competition

Our Summer Competition was very quiet this year but because we were all running out of steam we have decided to give away our personal Minecon goodies to children. Today I had the pleasure of giving some of the awards to few winners and I simply love the smile on their faces – well deserved! […]

Our first session at the Wantage Library

…was so quiet! 🙂 I have trained, practiced and worked as a teacher but I have never ever worked with such a well behaved, quiet group! ‘Why are we whispering?’ asked Dawid on the way out of the Library. ‘I don’t know but it feels right’ – I responded. We had a lovely session today […]

Our first sessions of 2015/2016!

We had a great time at the Butler Centre on Saturday. Children worked on challenges they chose in their own time which gave them more time to work together, play and build friendships. Parents told us that this model of sessions worked better so we hope to continue with them at least this year. Below […]

Summer Competition Entries

Here is the reminder of our categories: Minecraft themed Word Art picture – all entries in this category need to be submitted on an A4 or A3 sheet of paper. They need to contain a hand made piece of calligraphy (collage with a Minecraft screenshot printed and added to the art piece is allowed, but […]