Our first German session

With a small delay but a lot of fun we have started learning German with Minecraft. Children learned to describe blocks with the question ‘Was is das?’ (What is this?) and worked on a house project using the first 8 blocks.

Video making session

Our video makers learned about interviewing practices so to exercise we have asked them to design a home or office of a person they would like to interview. Ideas and designs were – as always – amazing!

Coding session with Raspberry Pi

Well, this was a lot of fun! Dads were so excited to talk to children about the history of computers and the size of original floppy disks (what is a floppy again?;)). We have used RaspberryPi to build a castle and blow up a huge block of TNT but also learned about this super small […]

Personal Achievements

Our system of achievements is really important and so after each session our children receive a group achievement. That’s the easy part. They also have to choose a personal achievement and I have to say – initially I assumed that many of them would go for stickers that simply look cool. Yet…I was wrong. Each […]

Thank you for brilliant first sessions!

Last Saturday was so nice! I am really happy to see so many of our pilot course members back! We have started our coding, video making and maths course so children will work on challenges related to those areas. Our German group is small so it will start in the week and the 2.30 pm […]

Announcing 2015 spring courses

Our spring courses are now publicly available – you can download the full brochure here or by clicking on the image above. We are staring our sessions this Saturday so if you want to join us, please email me (sylwiapresley@gmail.com) asap – our pilot participants had early access to this announcement so, as you can […]

Session 5 notes – history

In our last session of this course we have talked about history. We do not like to limit our children’s imagination so we have given them an open challenge – to create any historical building or landscape. This way we could tap into their creativity more. Some built castles, some old sheds, one created a […]

Farming, pumpkins and slime

  It has been decided – by the majority of today’s votes – that our Ghasty will be called Sunndee from now on. Well done and thank you for all your votes. We had a great session on farming today finished with two sets of brilliant carved pumpkins and few slices of slime. We are […]

The Butler Centre in Minecraft

The great thing about our 15 min ‘working in Minecraft’ sessions is the element of surprise when our members build amazing creations and present them to the group. This is just one of many of those, prepared by Mr_T_ – it’s the very room in which we host our sessions and our team:)

Notes from our third session

Last Saturday new club members joined our teams. We also have a club mascot now! This little ghast will need a name so hopefully next week we will be able to vote. Our main topics were mining and types of blocks (Minecraft topic) and crystals (science topic). Club members did amazing job once again so […]