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We aim to ensure that our sessions are sustainable and so we ask parents for a minimal fee to cover the costs of our venue and training materials. We would like to expand our activities and increase the amount of community work our club members are conducting. In order to do so, we really need your help!

This is the point where you would normally hear about the benefits of your sponsorship (you can find it listed below) but we hope that the main motivation for you to sponsor us is to support innovative and accessible, inexpensive education of our children so that with their amazing creativity and brilliant ideas we can as a club give back to our community.


Sponsorship and funding above £2000 will be featured and rewarded based on a separate discussion, but we will do our best to remain fair to all parties.

Please read our full brochure to understand the true impact of your donation and contact sylwiapresley@gmail.com to discuss sponsorship options, media, academic and other partnerships.

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